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Product information:
Printing and dyeing process: Reactive printing and dyeing
Weaving process: Embroidery
Main component of fabric: Cotton
Main component content of fabric: 100
Fabric subcomponent: Cotton
pattern: Plain
Style: Sheet type
Applicable bed size: 1.8m (6 feet) bed
Style: Light luxury
Number of pieces: 4 pieces
Flower type:Natural white-electric blue, electric blue, red phenanthrene-charcoal ash, blue gray-almond color, milk white-silver gray, lotus root powder-silver gray, ivory gray-birch brown, silver gray-lotus root powder
Dimensions : 1.5-1.8 bed (quilt cover 200*230, 2.0 bed (quilt cover 220*240 (cm)

Packing list:

Four-piece suit

Weight(g): 1style-1.5m:2800; 1style-2M:3000; 2style-1.5m:2800; 2style-2M:3000; 3style-1.5m:2800; 3style-2M:3000; 4style-1.5m:2800; 4style-2M:3000; 5style-1.5m:2800; 5style-2M:3000; 6style-1.5m:2800; 6style-2M:3000; 7style-1.5m:2800; 7style-2M:3000; 8style-1.5m:2800; 8style-2M:3000.

Package Weight(g): 1style-1.5m:2820; 1style-2M:3020; 2style-1.5m:2820; 2style-2M:3020; 3style-1.5m:2820; 3style-2M:3020; 4style-1.5m:2820; 4style-2M:3020; 5style-1.5m:2820; 5style-2M:3020; 6style-1.5m:2820; 6style-2M:3020; 7style-1.5m:2820; 7style-2M:3020; 8style-1.5m:2820; 8style-2M:3020.

Package Size(mm): 400*400*50.

180 Xinjiang Long Velvet Cotton Four-piece Set Cotton

Excluding Sales Tax
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