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Fabric name: Neoprene
Main fabric composition: Chlorine fiber (chlorinated fiber)
The content of the main fabric ingredient: 75 (%)
Function: waist protection, body shaping, abdomen

Weight(g): Red-L:220; Blue-S:200; Purple-S:200; Blue-L:220; Red-S:200; Black-XXL:240; Purple-XL:230; Black-XL:230; Blue-XXL:240; Purple-M:210; Black-M:210; Purple-3XL:250; Red-3XL:250; Red-XXL:240; Blue-M:210; Black-S:200; Red-M:210; Purple-XXL:240; Black-3XL:250; Purple-L:220; Red-XL:230; Blue-XL:230; Black-L:220; Blue-3XL:250.

Package Weight(g): Red-L:240; Blue-S:220; Purple-S:220; Blue-L:240; Red-S:220; Black-XXL:260; Purple-XL:250; Black-XL:250; Blue-XXL:260; Purple-M:230; Black-M:230; Purple-3XL:270; Red-3XL:270; Red-XXL:260; Blue-M:230; Black-S:220; Red-M:230; Purple-XXL:260; Black-3XL:270; Purple-L:240; Red-XL:250; Blue-XL:250; Black-L:240; Blue-3XL:270.

Package Size(mm): 250*250 *50.

Shaper waist shaping belt

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