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Product description:

80% neoprene/20% nylon

About our women's waist trainer: designed to make you sweat crazy and enhance your exercise to achieve your desired goals. 1. Packing quantity: 1 sweat-absorbent belt training belt. 2. If you are sensitive to neoprene, please wear it on a shirt. 2. Hand wash. Please check the size chart on the left and use our size chart instead of Amazon size.

Upgrade material: It is made of 2.5 mm thick high-quality neoprene fabric, which is light and comfortable, and provides excellent performance in sweating and exercise effects. Skin-friendly, close-fitting, firmer, moisture wicking, and warmth, keeping you dry and comfortable at all times. The Velcro on the belt adopts Grade A Velcro, which has good adhesion and can easily adjust the tightness to ensure closure and not easy to stretch.

The sweating effect is 3 times more than normal: the 2.5 mm thick hot sweat waist trainer helps you sweat, accelerates the physical exercise process, keeps the muscles warm and supported, and prevents fatigue and injury after exercise. In addition, 7 steel bones are built-in to strengthen the plastic and prevent curling. Support your waist and protect your waist.

Double-layer tummy: 2.5mm single-layer neoprene fabric compression garment. Lightweight, high-quality neoprene. The Velcro on the waistband uses Grade A Velcro, which has good adhesion, can easily adjust the tightness and ensure the closure, and is not easy to stretch.

Longer & wider sauna waist trainer, covering your abdomen: The waist trainer is up to 30 cm wide, shaping your entire abdomen better than ever, covering a larger torso area and burning more calories , Sweat more and make the abdominal effect more obvious. This is a sweat-absorbent belt and waist trimmer!

Women's waist trainer Neoprene sauna sweat training belt waist shaping belt (pin

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